PANTRADE Mercantile & Financials

It is magnum opus of trading, financial, HRM and customer relations management.

PANTRADE : A Complete Mercantile Office System and Financials Software Solution

PANTRADE Mercantile & Financials

PANTRADE Mercantile & Financials is magnum opus of trading, financial, HRM and customer relations management. It is a full blown ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for medium and large organizations dealing in multiple activities. Trading houses are typically involved in multifarious business activities and services. A major percentage of revenue comes from direct sales without recourse to stocking. PANTRADE Mercantile Office System is specially designed to meet such magnum requirement. It caters to organizations dealing with high value products as well as fast moving items, both stocked and non stocked.

PANTRADE financials software facilitates modular implementation with modules being selected as per actual requirements and priorities. The modules internally hook to each other and provide an integrated solution for trading companies. Additionally, the system allows customization to meet specific requirements.

All the modules enable Rapid Implementation Methodolgy. The entire system is Windows based and ease of use is a special characteristic of the software. This makes it a completely end user driven system, with minimum learning time.


Panbiz Mercantile Office System and Software

Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: Trading, financial, HRM and customer relations management

Can be used in:Mercantile & Financials

Product Code: BR-PANTRADE


PANTRADE consists of a suite of modules as follows:

  1. Sales Order/Customer Billing
  2. Showroom/Front Office Sales
  3. Customer Relations Management
  4. Sourcing and Quotation
  5. Inventory Control System
  6. Purchasing System
  7. Letter-of-Credit System
  8. Goods Receiving System
  9. Maintenance Management
  10. Equipment Inspection & Installation
  11. Job Costing System
  12. General Ledger & Budgeting
  13. Accounts Receivable
  14. Accounts Payable
  15. Personnel & Payroll
  16. Employee Forms Processing
  17. Time & Attendance System
  18. Fixed Assets Management
  19. Central Administration Module
  20. Management Information System

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