Patient/Customer Relationship Management program

PANSMS : Patient or Customer CRM Software Solution


This add on module is a part of our ongoing development of Patient/Customer Relationship Management program. This utility has a provision of sending bulk SMS to patients, employees and customers as well as suppliers based on certain criteria or a one off message to specific patient. Similar facility exists for other entities like employees, clients or any party dealing with the organization.

For security reasons, access control exists in PANSMS system restricting use of the facilities only to authorized persons in the organization. Audit log is maintained for every SMS sent at local as well as SMS provider level . PANSMS can be configured based on business process and policies of the organization. In order to implement it bulk subscription to an SMS service provider is required by the organization.

Invest in PANSMS and you can witness increased revenue by way of increased collections , improved patient relations and enhanced company image.


pansms customer crm systems

Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: Sending bulk SMS

Can be used in:This utility has a provision of sending bulk SMS to patients, employees and customers as well as suppliers.

Product Code: BR-PANSMS


The facility directly integrates with all other modules in PAN series.

It can be categorized as follows:

  1. Patients

    Promotional message to group of patients based on

    • Patient Class (VIP, Normal etc.)
    • Residence areas, Distant locations, Nationality, Job sector, etc.
    • Patient Out standings
    • Appointments booking, confirmation and cancellations
  2. Employees

    • Employee Salary Credits to Bank Accounts
    • Holiday Notifications
    • Warnings on attendance, company rules defaulters etc.
  3. Clients / Vendors

    • Reminders on amounts outstanding
    • Meeting Confirmations
    • Special Offers
    • Delivery requirements
  4. One off message

    • Patients
    • Employees
    • Clients/Vendors

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