The pharmacy software kit for modern day pharmacies

PANPHARMA : Hospital, Pharmaceutical Software Solution


PANPHARMA System is designed for modern day pharmacies with numerous product ranges, brands, dispensing units and sale of allied products. The system can be used by small, medium and large single pharmacies or a chain of pharmacies serviced by a central pharmaceutical warehouse. Pharmacies can also be attached to clinics/hospitals. In the latter case, the patient data is automatically available in the pharmacy.

PANPHARMA System maintains the status of the expiration items by batch no. and expiry dates and gives early warnings on such items.

POINT OF SALE System runs on a barcode system and has a unique feature of combining drug code and batch no. in the bar code. This results in minimum data entry at the POINT OF SALE, enabling fast customer servicing as well as accurate stock control.

Design provides for chain of pharmacies serviced by a central warehouse and head office related activities.


panpharma pharmaceutical software solutions

Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: Pharmacies

Can be used in: Modern day pharmacies with numerous product ranges, brands, dispensing units and sale of allied products.

Product Code: BR-PANPHARMA


PANPHARMA consists of the following suite of modules:

  1. Drugs and General Stores System
  2. Pharmacy specific POINT OF SALE System
  3. Sales and Stock Analysis
  4. Central Administration Module
  5. POS Module has standard features of customer display pole, card swipe, cash drawer, bar code scanner, slip printer etc.

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