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PANMEDICA : Hospital and Healthcare System to Maintain Electronic Medical Record

PANMEDICA Healthcare System

PANMEDICA Healthcare System represents the ultimate in solution for medium and large sized hospitals with multiple departments and with Out-Patient, In-Patient, Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology and other facilities. Panmedica is a leading healthcare software & application.

The entire range of services offered by a hospital is covered under this system. All systems are integrated and data are available at all service stations like Patient reception, Physician's room, Lab, Pharmacy, Nursing and Discharge office. With this, the patient has full freedom of movement inside the hospital without the need for carrying a host of medical papers and service invoices. The system is also fully integrated to inventory and accounts. These systems automatically keep on getting data from the front office and any other relevant station. It helps you to transform your patient care with our healthcare management software.


Panmedica healthcare software company

Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: Hospital

Can be used in:The entire system is modular and the hospital can pick and choose modules most relevant to start with, and seamlessly keep on adding other modules as the business grows. This protects all previous investments made.

Product Code: BR-PANMEDICA


PANMEDICA healthcare System consists of some thirty suite of modules:

  1. Out Patient System
  2. Appointment Scheduling
  3. Call Center & Telemarketing
  4. Physician System
  5. Specialty Modules
  6. Electronic Medical Records(EMR)
  7. In Patient System–ADT
  8. Nursing/Ward Management
  9. Operation Theater
  10. Nursery System
  11. Laboratory Information System
  12. Lab Equipment Interface
  13. Radiology System
  14. Inventory Management System
  15. Pharmacy POS System
  16. Pharmacy Back office System
  17. File tracking system
  18. Purchasing System
  19. Goods Receiving
  20. Medical Personnel System
  21. Payroll System
  22. Leave & Indemnity System
  23. TAD Interface to Finger Machine
  24. Medical Insurance System
  25. General Ledger
  26. Accounts Receivable
  27. Accounts Payable
  28. Fixed Assets System
  29. Equip Maintenance System
  30. System Administration Module

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