The laboratory software kit for your lab reports

PANLAB : Lab Automated Software Tool Kit (Lab Management System)

PANLAB - Laboratory Management Systems

PANLAB System handles the complex issue of maintenance and printing of numerous lab reports. The system can be used by small, medium and large independent labs or labs attached to clinics and hospitals. In the latter case, the patient data is automatically shared. Panlab systems referred to as a laboratory information system (LIS) or laboratory management system (LMS)

The key module is Laboratory System consisting of Lab reports template formation, real rime connection to front office, sample label printing, results entry with automatic high/low marking based on min/max ranges and professional quality lab reports printing. The lab reports can be sent to the requester in pdf/jpg format automatically thru email. We specialize in Lab Management Software.

The System provides dozens of pre-configured lab reports for quick start up of the system. These configurations are parameterized and can be changed by the lab manager to suit his lab reports at a later date, for new services offered by the lab. To that extent PANLAB System is an example of highly ingenious programming.


panlab laboratory information management system

Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: Laboratories

Can be used in:The system can be used by small, medium and large independent labs or labs attached to clinics and hospitals.

Product Code: BR-PANLAB

Categories: BRAMOSYS LAB

PANLAB - Laboratory Information Management System consists of the following suite of modules:

  1. Patient Reception
  2. Lab Service Invoicing
  3. Laboratory System
  4. Lab Accounts and Service Analysis
  5. Central Administration Module
  6. Unidirectional as well as Bidirectional interface is available for all most all popular lab equipment such as COBAS, SYSMEX etc.

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