Panimage is effective document management solution

PANIMAGE : A Complete Document Management System and Software Solution


Each year organizations spend thousands of dollars on generation, storage and printing of various documents. Retrieving and making available these documents in time is a task that most companies are dreadful of. This is even as they allocate manpower entirely for this purpose. Electronic Filing Cabinet is a revolutionary concept that makes this dreadful task into a simple and easy affair at a fraction of cost. Its effective document management can help better organize, share and retrieve documents - from paper files to electronic files in original form and in time.

Obviously, PANIMAGE is bound to save storage space, cost of storing and retrieving files and associated manpower. Most importantly, it makes the organizations efficient in current age of information.


Panmedica Document Management Software

Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: Storage Space Solution

Can be used in:Saving storage space, cost of storing and retrieving files and associated manpower

Product Code: BR-PANIMAGE


PANIMAGE System targets to this very requirement. It consists of the following three modules:


    It is a specialized document imaging system where patient medical records are maintained in digitized form, also, called Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The source of EMR can be scanned medical notes from high speed smart scanners or direct output from PANMEDICA System. The EMR is integrated to the Physician Module of panmedica. Physicians can view/print past patient medical records by click of a button on their screen. PANEMR leads to a paperless medical records system in Medical Centers/Hospitals. It does away the arduous task of safe maintaining, locating and making available patient files in physical form, and replaces it by a click of button. It saves enormous physical storage space and high cost associated with ever expanding Filing Room. If required the medical records can be printed. The PANMEDICA outputs that can be put in PANEMR cover patient face sheets, patient records, medical notes and prescriptions among others. Records can be fast retrieved by searching on key words.


    It is a versatile Electronic Filing System in which disparate office documents are digitized and kept in image database in original form. These included audited and internal accounting records, HR records, Municipal Licenses and practically any type of document. Use of professional high speed smart scanners having scanning speed of 80 to 100 pages per minute is recommended for initial scanning.
    Pandocument provides facility for proper categorization of these documents, much like physical filing cabinets, i.e. based on Department, Sub department, Date, Employee No., Document Type and other criteria. All these records can be retrieved in seconds based on these categorization as well as on keywords. Any specific page or page range can be printed. Access control exists at document level and a person can view/print on documents only authorized to him/her.


    It caters to the need of maintaining HR records of employees in database in original form. Documents can be retrieved in seconds by keying in the employee no. Additionally, search can be made by document type e.g. Civil Id, Residence Visa, Passport etc. Any specific page or page range can be printed. Any no. of pages can be added for the employee continually as his/her employment progresses over the years with the organization.
    The module is linked to the PANHRM ERP System. Managers can see/print employees documents from the Personnel System.
    Access control, a major issue in such environment, is handled very well in PANIMAGE. A document can be classified as Open, Restricted, Secret or Top Secret. Additionally, there exists authority level at the document level as well as at each page level. A user can view documents and pages only for the authorized classes and up to his/her authority level. The classification of documents and allotting authorization level needs to be decided by a responsible manager for effective control.

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