Panhrm System

HR requirements of a business entity

PANHRM : Human Resources (HR) & Payroll Software Solution

PANHRM - HR Software Solution

Panhrm System consists of a comprehensive set of modules to cater to gamut of HR requirements of a business entity. It is a more complete and automated solution to human resources management system.

All modules are fully integrated within themselves and with the genetic PANACCOUNT - Accounting System.

Panhrm System facilitates modular implementation starting from the Personnel System.

Third party Finger print scanning can also be integrated with the system. Sometimes external TAD machines come with own software for attendance making. In this event PANHRM system can be integrated to the extent of obtaining only the net attendance data and applying to the payroll system. Human resources (HR) software solutions make managing a easier task.


pahrm human resource management system

Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: HR

Can be used in:HR requirements of a business entity

Product Code: BR-PANHRM


PANHRM human resource mnagement systems contains following modules:

  1. Personnel System
  2. Documents Control
  3. Payroll System
  4. Leave & Indemnity
  5. Employee Loans
  6. Time and Attendance System



It is an advanced Personnel system that enables the capturing of the employees’ detailed personal data. The system is fully integrated with the Payroll System.

The system provides for recording of comprehensive employee database along with features like the Employee photograph.


  • All employees are identified by a unique Employee identification number, which could be system generated or user entered depending upon the requirement.
  • Capturing of personnel data like four names, DOB, Duty/Additional Duty, Joining Date, Department, Email address, Local & Home address and several other data.
  • System provides bilingual format, several information could be entered in English or Arabic format. System supports Arabic fonts as well.
  • Facility to capture Key attributes of Employees like Personal information, Employment Contract information, Work experience, Qualifications, Training, Performance and Awards etc.
  • System provides facility to store employee image in the records.



System has facility to capture the information of Employees’ document like document type, document no., issue and expiry date etc., like:

  1. Social Id/Civil ID
  2. Passport
  3. Resident Visa
  4. Driving License
  5. Medical License
  6. Several other documents


  • Automatic alert for expired employee documents.
  • Automatic alert for employee documents expiring next three/period months.
  • Capture and store documents image in the personnel record of the employee.



The system provides an advanced Payroll Processing system, which enables the processing of the employees’ monthly payroll. The system is linked to the Personnel System and gets all employee information as entered in the Personnel System.


  • Process monthly payroll for all employees of the company.
  • Process overtime amounts by entering the hours as well as the rates specific to each employee.
  • Provision to process one-time as well as regular allowances and deductions
  • Automatically calculate the deduction amounts due to absence, by providing the number of days/hours/minutes absent. The amount calculated can be changed as required, by the payroll staff.
  • Process Employee Increments on specific Allowances heads like Basic, House Allowance, Car or any other allowance.
  • Generate Trial and Final Salary Registers and Bank Statements.
  • Generate Voucher in GL for salaries and deductions on month end.



System provides provision for Leave & Indemnity module which is fully integrated with Payroll System.


  • Process various leave types like Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Unpaid Leave, Study Leave, etc.
  • System automatically calculates the leave & indemnity amount per month as per the employee contract.
  • Compute Employee Leaves and Indemnities accrued at the month end.
  • Provision for printing the leave form in Company’s format.
  • Generate Voucher in GL for leave and indemnity amounts accrued on month end.



This module has facility to maintain employee loans and work out a deduction plan. It is fully integrated with Payroll System.


  • System automatically calculates the amount of instalments for the specified time period.
  • Once a loan for an employee is approved, it automatically generates the deduction in employees pay slip for the specified time period.
  • Generate Voucher in GL for loan amount.



The Attendance System enables capture of Check-In and Check-Out time, through finger print scanning / card swiping / proximity reader devices.


Employee just swipes his/her card or punches on finger print scanner. System captures date & time and, optionally, flashes employee’s picture and immediately marks him/her as:

  • On time / Late
  • Early exit / On time
  • On time / Late after break

The above is marked as per schedule maintained in the system for the concerned employee.

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