PANCLINICA Healthcare System

The medical software kit for polyclinics and healthcare

PANCLINICA : Community Hospitals and Polyclinic Healthcare Software System

PANCLINICA Healthcare System

PANCLINICA Healthcare System is targeted to polyclinics and healthcare centers with multiple departments and doctors. The key components are Out Patient Department (OPD) covering patient registration, service application & cashiering, Appointment Scheduling and Physician's system appended with clinical accounts and internal stock management. Panclinica is a clinical software solutions, a software tools for the HealthCare Community

If the clinic has attached pharmacy and laboratory, the system can be linked to PANPHARMA and PANLAB Systems.

It can also be hooked up to PANEMR System for medical notes imaging leading to a paperless environment.

Each Physician can be provided with individual terminal who can see his patient data checked in OPD System in real time. He can use his specialty module available with numerous help facilities, for fast patient servicing. Prescriptions can be printed online in two formats. The entire data visit-by-visit are stored online for future reference. All services provided to the patient can also be seen by the doctor online. Next appointment can be given by the doctor himself.

The system provides valuable analysis like service statistics, doctor-wise and department- wise analysis, new and old visits etc. Panclinica is a clinical software specifically designed to help you enhance your customer database.


panclinica clinical software solution

Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: Polyclinics and Healthcare Centers

Can be used in: The entire system is modular and the center can pick and choose modules most relevant to start with, and seamlessly keep on adding other modules as the business grows. This protects all previous investments made.



PANCLINICA clinical software solution consists of the following suite of modules:

  1. Patient Reception & Servicing
  2. Appointment Scheduling
  3. Physician's System
  4. Patient Medical Record
  5. Clinical Accounts
  6. General Accounts
  7. Inventory System for consumables
  8. Central Administration Module

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