Enterprise Resource Planning System for general business

PANBIZ : ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System, ERP Software

Panbiz - Business Management Software (BMS)

PANBIZ is a midrange trading, financial and customer relations management inshort a ERP software system. It is targeted to midrange business entities involved in multifarious business activities and services. A major percentage of revenue comes from stock sales. It caters to organizations dealing with generic valued products as fast moving items though it can handle non stocked items.

It contains programs for Sales Order, Inventory, Purchase Order, Goods Receiving, Point of Sale, Accounts, Fixed Assets, Payroll & Personnel and Time & Attendance System. It provides a complete BMS services solutions.

The system can work for wholesale business as well as for retail business.

All modules are fully integrated, end user driven, with on line inquiries and with several operational and management reports.

All the modules enable Rapid Implementation Methodolgy. The entire system is Windows based and ease of use is a special characteristic of the software. This makes it a completely end user driven system, with minimum learning time.


Panbiz Business Management Software

Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: ERP Software, BMS Solution

Can be used in:Business Management Software

Product Code:BR-PANBIZ

Categories: BRAMOSYS BIZ

BMS Services Solutions consist of following modules:

  1. Sales Order/Customer Billing
  2. Showroom/Front Office Sales
  3. Customer Relations Management
  4. Inventory Control System
  5. Purchasing System
  6. Goods Receiving System
  7. General Ledger & Budgeting
  8. Accounts Receivable
  9. Accounts Payable
  10. Personnel & Payroll
  11. Time & Attendance System
  12. Fixed Assets Management
  13. Central Administration Module

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