Generic approach to accounting needs

PANACCOUNT : An Accounting Software Solution For Any Business


PANACCOUNT System provides a generic approach to accounting needs of practically any kind of business.

This computer program has modules to computerize all kinds of accounting requirement. It contains programs for General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets Systems. It contains Cost Accounting and Budgeting Modules.

The system can work for general trading, services, construction and manufacturing environments. All modules are fully integrated, end user driven, with on line inquiries and with several operational and management reports.


Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: Business

Can be used in: Generic approach to accounting needs of practically any kind of business



Panaccount consists of the following modules:

  1. General Ledger & cash Control System
  2. Accounts Receivables System
  3. Accounts Payables System
  4. Fixed Assets System


General Ledger & cash Control System

The suit consists of an excellent General Ledger system where all the accounting transactions converge. All the front end modules have interface to the General Ledger. The GL System is modern in design. It has a transaction based architecture with almost, entire data maintained on line. Accounting period can be maintained flexibly, e.g., 12 periods, 13 periods or 52 periods - for that matter any number of periods. Change in accounting periods over the years is allowed. System enables current period posting as well as future period posting, if required. An easy to enter GL Transaction Entry program exists.


Accounts Receivables System

  • Creation of Invoice/Debit Note with automatic generation of Invoice/Debit Note No.
  • Creation of credit note with automatic generation of Credit Note No.
  • Comprehensive Party Master maintenance.
  • Shares Party Master with the Accounts Payable System.
  • Maintenance of territory/sub territory for the customers
  • Maintenance of multiple AR control accounts in GL.
  • Facility for settlement of debit note by credit note and credit limit check.
  • Automatic creation of invoices from the Sales Order system(Optional) with reference to the order no.
  • Flexible procedure for settlement of invoices by money received – auto application (oldest first) as well as selective application.
  • Money receipt by Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer and Credit Card.
  • Facility for Payment Vouchers for refunds.
  • Three stages of transactions processing-Data Entry, Verification and Application with facility of assigning each stage to three different authorities.


Accounts Payables System

  • Creation of Vendor Invoice/Credit Note with automatic generation of Invoice No./Credit Note No.
  • Creation of debit note with automatic generation of Debit Note No.
  • Shares Party Master with AR Module.
  • A party can be both a customer and supplier enabling settlement of an AR debit note by an AP Credit note.
  • Maintenance of multiple AP control accounts in GL.
  • Automatic creation of credit notes from the Purchase Order system(Optional) with reference to the LPO no.
  • Payment by Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer and Credit Card.
  • Facility for money receipt for returns.
  • Cheque Printing program.
  • Flexible procedure for payment of invoices – auto application (oldest first) as well as selective full/part payment.


Fixed Assets System

An organization needs several assets and equipment for its overall functioning. These assets are acquired at different times and located in different departments. At times they are moved from one department to another. Keeping track of all assets on a regular basis becomes a difficult task.

The Fixed Asset Module caters to this situation comprehensively. Additionally, the equipment are depreciated on a monthly basis and charged to the concerned department. System provides for acquiring new equipment/assets as well as early retirement thru write off or sale.

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