INTRADE Business System

Designed to meet the needs of Traditional Business

INTRADE : Finance Management Software Solution For Traditional Business

INTRADE Business Systems

Retail trading activity (comprising sale of general merchandise, materials, supplies and services) is traditional to business. Organizations constantly look for new products, their stocking, purchasing and sales. INTRADE Business System is specially designed to meet the needs of such tradition. It caters to organizations dealing with consumer products involving extensive details and high movements - and it gives full and comprehensive treatment to the subject.

Feature wise INTRADE Business System is rich and excellently covers the requirement of small and medium organizations with wholesale and retail sales. It is essentially a packaged solution enabling very fast implementation.

The system represents a comprehensive solution for trading companies, with a head office, a central warehouse and local/remote outlets. Connectivity of the warehouse and sales outlets to the head office is maintained online through local or wide area network. Optionally, Showroom System (Point-of-Sale) System can be provided with the database maintained in each outlet and connectivity through low cost dial up line. It would essentially hook up to the main system.

Inventory Control System caters to the needs of a wide variety of trading items like electronics, bulk material goods and general merchandise. Provision exists for tracking batch no./serial no.


panimage finance manaement softwar system

Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: Traditional Business

Can be used in:Trading activity (comprising sale of general merchandise, materials, supplies and services)

Product Code: BR-INTRADE


INTRADE consists of the following suite of modules :

  1. General Ledger
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Accounts Payable
  4. Inventory Control System
  5. Point of Sale System
  6. Sales Order System
  7. Purchasing System
  8. Goods receiving System
  9. Personnel and Payroll
  10. Central Administration

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