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Specially designed for organizations dealing with product

ADIDSOFT : Software Services for Product Line Organizations

Addidsoft - Software Product Lines (SPL)

Selling fashion goods, sports items, furniture and other consumer items is the most challenging tasks in the retail sales. Any slowdown in these activities could lead to unsold stocks or lost sales or customer dissatisfaction or all of them. Some times it could be disastrous. A very special requirement of such industry is in terms of size and color attributes of the products. Additionally, a host of variables like season, class, material, initiative, category, sub category and minor category are involved. Hither to there is hardly any commercial software that gives comprehensive treatment to this seemingly simple but highly involved requirement of the business.

ADIDSOFT Mercantile & Financials is specially designed for organizations dealing with product ranges involving size, color and several other advanced attributes - and it gives full and comprehensive treatment to the issue.

The system has been designed to give an integrated solution for high transaction companies with a head office and multiple outlets. The connectivity of the latter to the head office can be through wide area network (WAN) or through low cost DSL/ADSL. State of the art DSL connectivity is supported.

ADIDSOFT's ability in meeting complex needs of apparel, sports, fashion and a whole range of such goods makes it a classic software, high above any contemporary software.


Features: Light weighted, Robust, Secure

Best For: Organizations

Can be used in: Organizations dealing with product ranges involving size, color and several other advanced attributes

Product Code: BR-ADDIDSOFT


Adidsoft consists of the following suite of modules:

  1. Inventory Control System
  2. Showroom (Point-of-Sale) Sales
  3. Purchasing System
  4. Goods Receiving System
  5. Whole-sale System
  6. Personnel & Payroll
  7. General Ledger
  8. Accounts Receivable
  9. Accounts Payable
  10. Central Administration Module

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