Application System

    Systems with Incredibly high functionality,
    for horizontal segment healthcare, general
    business, retail business, accounting,
    HRM, document management

  • Bra mosys

    Healthcare Systems

    Medical and Healthcare Systems
    with incredibly high functionality
    and proven technology. Providing
    software solution in need.

  • Bramo Sys

    Finance Management

    Supporting traditional business
    with Incredibly high functionality
    and proven technology. Providing
    software solution in need.

Welcome to BRAMOSYS Solution Pvt. Ltd.

We are emerging IT solutions service provider, our key strength lies in meeting functional requirement of various industries.

About Us

To provide highly functional application systems with proven technologies

IT Services Major Projects

We have handled major ERP projects for health care and business. Our healthcare projects covers requirements of a standard clinic to super specialty medical centers to large hospitals. The areas span from Front Office, Medical Insurance, Laboratories, Pharmacies to back office covering accounts, materials management and HR.

The clients have been benefitted by our system by faster registration process, single point of information entry, info flow, tight integration between font office and back office.

Bramosys provides complete end to end service to clients for successful implementation of IT services and deriving maximum benefits from the investment. We have handled ERP implementation for general trading business, retailing, point of sale, general accounts, material management and others.

  • Medical Projects
  • Business Projects
  • Others
  • Panmedica


    A comprehensive suite of health care modules for hospitals with inpatients.

  • Panclinica


    A suite of health care modules for polyclinics and medical centers software solution

  • Panlab


    It is a laboratories unmatched system software for any lab facilities

  • Panpharma


    It is a pharmacies system software for pharmacies and pharma companies

  • Panbiz


    Enterprise Resource Planning System for business & entrepreneur

  • Pantrade


    It is a comprehensive system solution for business organizations

  • Panaccount


    It is a financials general purpose accounting system helping accounts section.

  • Panhrm


    Human Resources System A general purpose human resources management

  • Panimage


    An electronic filing cabinet for general office document management

  • Adidsoft


    A high featured system for sports item, apparel, fashion goods and furniture retailing

  • Pansms


    A flexible SMS system with automated operation-on demand or by broadcast

  • intrade


    An low foot print cost effective system for general business


BRAMOSYS comes with top-of-the-line support teams so that we can ensure that we provide the best experience for our customers

How Our IT Consulting & Support Works

We have a very professional approach towards helping the clients, its our business objectives of IT consulting & IT Support.

1. First Important STEP
We do preliminary survey through executive level meeting and put a proposal.
2. Second Phase
Once proposal is finalised we start implementation as per scope and size discussed.
3. Final Action
We provide user training on delivery and providex support and maintenance.

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